110V to 12V GasTapper Power Supply

110 v to 12 Volt cigarette plug converter for GasTapper 12v Siphon products


Greetings! Hope your 2016 is going well. We wanted to do a quick blog on using the 12V GasTappers with house current. Many customers over the years have requested a 110V model. We've also talked to several customers who have tried different 110V to 12V converters on GasTapper and have experienced difficulty. The challenge has been that both GasTapper 12V models have electronics in the pumps and they are sensitive to having good clean current. Often you don't get that from cheap current converters.

Well we've finally found and affordable option to get this job done. It's been added to the GasTapper store and is reasonably priced at 24.95. We have a limited number in stock so consider picking one up. If they end up being a popular item we will increase stock.

Thanks for taking the time to read our posts!

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