Damsel in Distress

GasTapper To the Rescue…Again!

My business partner and I were driving on one of the major highways in the Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area discussing product improvements while nearing our exit when our conversation came to an abrupt halt, as did the traffic! While trying to avoid hitting the vehicle in front of us, we observed a later model Ford Taurus moving at a crawl attempting to exit the highway.

Unlike, the other drivers, in a hurry to get around this car oblivious as to whether he/she was in distress, we slowed down as we passed and noticed that the driver was a young (20-25 year old) female that was obviously scared at her predicament. We pulled over and approached her as she came to a stop behind us. Imagine how we felt when she told us she had just run out of gas!

She didn’t know whether to believe us or not when we explained that we manufacture a product that could help her right then and there by getting gas into her vehicle on the spot. We promptly got my GasTapper 12V out of the trunk and began inserting hoses, plugging in power and moving fuel! Within 5-6 minutes, we were putting the GasTapper back in my trunk satisfied with ourselves at being able to help this young lady out. We then stayed close by as she made her way to the gas station 2 miles up the road.

I can’t tell you how handy having this tool in my trunk has been, but being able to help a person on the side of the road in distress is icing on the cake.

This just shows how “one in every trunk” (right next to the jumper cables) is not just a catchy phrase, but should be everyone’s goal!


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