Easily Siphon Gas in an Emergency

I remember the 2 day power outage of 2011 in San Diego. The first thing that hit me was that I couldn't run out and buy anything. I discovered this when I went to the hardware store to buy a generator and they explained that with no electricity they were unable to do any financial transactions. They bolted up the doors and sent everyone home. I was stunned. I went by the supermarket to buy ice and they also locked the place up. It got me thinking about how fragile our world is. By day 2 folks were getting nervous. No gas, the food was going bad and trucks were not delivering food, since stores were closed and the trucks were unable to get fuel.

Okay, so imagine Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy and so on. I watched the gas lines in my old home town on Long Island and the news showing the confused faces as everyone began to realize that gas stations could not provide gasoline. It went on for weeks. This was the motivation behind GasTapper.

I also considered the many lawn mowers, leaf blowers and weedwackers that I've repaired or thrown out due to gas getting old and fowling the carb or engine. How about those gas cans with the stinky gas in them? With today's additives, stored gas can go bad in about 3 months. What's the plan? Cycle your fuel is often the first thought. You soon discover what a pain that is. I also tried storing gasoline in the garage since the consistent temperature helps preserve the gas a little longer. Unfortunately storing gas in the garage isn't worth the risk of ignition let alone the smell the of gas in the garage.

Gas Tapper was designed to make the gas in your vehicle available to you when you need it.

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