Gas Siphon - a good storm preparation tool?

As GasTapper gas siphon completes its first year delivering its full product line, it’s been interesting to learn how and when people by our product. Where we thought that we would have a winter slow down as folks put their boats, motorcycles and lawnmowers away, we’ve noticed that winter storms cause sales to go up dramatically. Winter storm Linus increased our web traffic by 300% and sales by 600%. It’s clear that a gas siphon is viewed as a storm aid and disaster preparation tool.

We had a number of conversations with customers last week that were prepping for the storm or were reminded that they need to be prepared in the future. 75% of all our sales during the storm were from the east coast. The conversations were typically around snow blowers, generators and the potential to have reduced access to gas due to power outages. If you remember hurricane Sandy, one of the biggest problems were gas stations unable to pump fuel due to the power outage.

Now with winter storm Juno on the way, we are hustling to build enough product to keep up with demand. Thanks for the great reviews, sales and confidence in our product.
GasTapper team
Dave, Chris, Todd & Murry.

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