GasTapper Fuel siphon pump with wireless remote control!

Safety is a big priory for us. We are always looking for the safest way to transfer fuel. Controlling the flow is one of our top targets for safety. We added a remote control air switch to the Max a few years ago. This gave you the ability to control flow without having any electrical current near your hands. The negative is that you not only have 16 feet of fuel hose to manage, you now also have to manage and store a 14 foot long air tub to switch the unit on and off. 
Our newest GasTapper solves that problem with a wireless remote control that cuts the cord giving you room to roam and carefully monitor flow.  It has built in timer with two settings that will prevent the unit from being left on and accidently overfilling a tank or vehicle. This helps avoid another un-safe situation. It also allows you to deliver predictable amounts of fuel in a 1 minute or 5 minute interval. We hope you like this new safety and convenience feature, Over time, we will discontinue the Max with the air-switch and move to this safer and more convenient model.

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