GasTapper in S.W.A.T. Magazine July edition

Cooler Shock in S.W.A.T. magazine

GasTapper and our sister product Cooler Shock were written up in a 2 page article in S.W.A.T. magazine. The gist of the article was about the things you need in the early days of a disaster. The article was written by Richard Duarte, author of "Surviving An Urban Disaster" and "Surviving Doomsday". Richard pointed out the need for fuel and the fact that it may be all around you but potentially inaccessible without having a tool for that purpose.

One can assume that in the first few days or weeks of a disaster the population may still be civil and would need to get gas out of vehicles without punching holes in the tanks. You have to also consider that many disasters can be short term such as fire or power outages. GasTapper is a great tool to be confident that you can keep your equipment running during these times.

Richard also mentioned our sister product, Cooler Shock, a high energy ice pack that can keep food fresh for days when your refrigerator isn't functioning. To learn more about Cooler Shock please go to

You can buy Richard's books on Amazon.The S.W.A.T article will be posted on our website in a few months.

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