How do you replace motor oil in lawnmowers and other power equipment?

Have you ever changed the oil in your lawnmower, generator, snowblower or tractor? Why not? It's a real pain, that's why. You can use your GasTapper multi-purpose pump.

GasTapper is a universal siphon. You can use the manual siphon to not only remove old gas from your power equipment, you can also remove the old and used oil. It's best to warm the oil up to operating temperature and then insert the input line from your siphon and either squeeze the bulb or turn on the power. Keep in mine that this will be taxing on GasTappers with paper fuel filters.

We are now offering a cleanable element nylon screened filter in our store. Add this to your GasTapper for best multi-fluid performance.

This will also allow you to use the GasTapper Siphon to remove water and anti-freeze. You should always flush your siphon after running motor oil or anti-freeze through it. For motor oil use kerosene for long term (60 days or more) otherwise gas works well. For anti-freeze use water on the manual version and Kerosene on the 12 volt powered version. We will eventually advertise this ability and call it Siphon Pro.

Chris A

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