How to siphon gas from your car in an emergency

Are you a Prepper or Survivalist?

What are you doing to be prepared for an emergency or disaster? Stockpiling food and water, that makes sense. Looking to protect yourself? Yup. Notice the price of guns and ammo lately? How about communications? Will your cell phone work when you want it to? This is a real question mark. Depending on the nature of the crisis, it’s not unusual for the cell phone system to be overwhelmed or to lose power. Everyone is on the phone at the same time. Okay, what about energy and transportation?

Most folks who believe that we are living in a delicate world will consider alternative power options for emergencies with a generator being the primary solution. If your option is a generator, you have some serious challenges keeping this option ready to go. If you ever actually used the generator, you will have fueled it up which means that you will likely have old gas in it at the time that you need it most. For those of you that haven’t had the experience, gas gets old fast and turns to a varnish like substance, clogging the small ports and orifices in the fuel system (Now you have something else to keep in the back of your mind and aggravate you when you’re trying to sleep). The other challenge is keeping a volume of fuel available for when you need it. Keeping gasoline has many challenges including fumes and fire risk in your home as well as the age issue.

It really surprises people to see a metro area like New York discover that the gas stations can’t provide gas when the power is out. This was one of the primary issues during hurricane Sandy.

Many folks think you can get gas simply by getting a hose and siphoning it out of a car. Not so much. You will discover that most modern cars will not let you get the hose down into the gas tank. It’s typically an anti-rollover valve that prevents fuel spills.

Gastapper was designed to get gas out of modern cars. It also can lift fuel up a substantial distance so that you don’t have to think about using gravity as your only tool to get the gas out. Gastapper has a hose and pump that is designed to get gas out by routing around the rollover valve with a narrow diameter semi rigid hose in combination with the shear strength of an unusually powerful fuel pump that can draw a substantial amount of fuel through this narrow of a hose.

So you have food, guns, ammo, how about gas for your cars and generators? Gastapper is a very affordable insurance policy that help complete your preparation strategy and also has many daily uses to keep your gear supplied with fresh gas from your own vehicle. Without it, you have an incomplete plan at a fundamental level.

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