How to Siphon Gas Out of Newer Cars - Our Most Popular Article

Our June 2014 Blog on “how to Siphon Gas Out of Newer Cars” is the most popular article we’ve written. 40% of our website traffic comes from people finding this blog. We changed our product line a great deal since then. We should really have a number of articles that talk about “How to Siphon Gas Out of a _________ (fill in the blank).

We’ve sold thousands of Gas Tappers since then and we have expanded to cover the many challenges with siphoning gas out of lawnmowers, tractors, boats, generators and pretty much all general power equipment. We’ve noticed a resurgence in interest in siphoning gas out of cars due to the concerns as of late around terrorism. This seems to energize the prepper market as they revisit their disaster tools.

What’s changed in our offerings? We’ve added very simple fluid pumps for the small equipment (see the GT Power Equipment) and we’ve added the “Siphon Pro” which is a larger hose diameter all-purpose siphon that has a hose which is safe for potable water. Keep in mind that the Siphon Pro is not a good tool for getting gas out of modern cars as it does not have the modern car adapter. We find that the Siphon Pro is used for general purpose siphoning such as getting the water off of your pool cover or draining a broken washing machine. It also works great to simply transfer gas from a gas can into your boat.

Now you have an update on our offerings. In honor of the ever popular article on “how to Siphon Gas Out of Newer Cars” we are having a Christmas sale on our 12V models. We hope you take advantage of this as they don’t go on sale often. Take Care and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Chris A

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