New product for ATV's and Lawnmowers - Spring Preparation

GasTapper update – drain a fish tank or your motor oil. Great for spring seasonal equipment prep.

We’ve added the GT Power Equipment product for simple fuel transfer and oil removal. The intent here was to make a simple, small and affordable option for general power equipment use such as lawnmowers, generators, trenchers, or motorcycles, ATV’s, UTV’s and so on. Use it to transfer gas when out on a long ride and one of your buddies runs out of gas or use it to get the old gas and oil out of your lawnmower.

Can you use it to siphon out of a fish tank or drain a clogged sink? Yes. It’s designed with a removable fuel filter so that you can reserve the filter for siphoning gasoline and diesel or remove it for oil, water, antifreeze and so on. The overall length is just over 6’ with an additional 12 inches of semi rigid line to access motor oil.

I recently used it drain the soap out of the washer dispenser because I accidently added soap to the fabric softener dispenser. By the way, this is a good strategy to keep you out of the laundry room. Just saying…

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