One in Every Trunk...or a better title...Partner in GasTapper Runs Out of Gas (almost)

So I'm on my way to Vegas to work a trade show and I'm driving from Arizona to Las Vegas. There’s this wonderful stretch of highway after Kingman where the scenery is spectacular and you let your mind wonder and enjoy a good audio book. My mind wondered so far, I never bothered to look at the gas gauge. Now I have to tell you that even though I preach “one in every trunk” meaning GasTapper, I don’t always follow that rule. We made the manual siphon model so that it would be affordable enough to do just that.

Now on with the story. I found myself somewhere between “Nothing Arizona” and “Wikiup Arizona” when I realized I might not have enough fuel to make it to the next gas station. I checked with my smart phone and it indicated that the next station was greater than my remaining range. I pulled over in a scenic view area and got to talking with another fella about where the next station is. I also got to talking about GasTapper. Since I was traveling to a show, I had several in the trunk. The man was interested and the deal was struck. I gave him a GasTapper Gravity and he allowed me to pull a couple of gallons out of his car.

Now I’m not selling aggressively here, I’m just pointing out that the old adage about the shoemaker with shoes that need repair applies to me as well. GasTapper is not just for Preppers and disasters, it really is like a pair of jumper cables. When I got home, I put one in all of my three Daughter’s trunks as well as my Spouse’s car.

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