September 09th, 2020

2020 Update: GasTapper, Siphon Pro and siphoning in general.

It is time to give a general update on our product line and siphoning in general. We are GenTap, makers of GasTapper® and Siphon Pro® products. GenTap started its business with an early focus on getting gas and other fluids out of vehicles. No one does it better than us! That said, it is not a standard or conventional task with today’s modern cars. Every car has a different approach to the fuel tank and filler system. One of our biggest challenges is guiding people on this complicated process.

We see many siphons for sale indicating that you can get gas out of any car with a ½” OD hose. This is almost impossible on most any car made after 1995. With our extensive testing and millions of siphons sold, we can tell you with confidence, the only real possibility to extract fuel is to use a semi-rigid ¼” plastic line (typical water line used for refrigerator ice makers). Our 12V units come with this line along with a guide tube which helps keep it from kinking while you are fishing around. We have a 90% success rate on most any newer vehicle. Remember, that is with our extensive experience included.

Our Siphon Pro products do not have the ability to access passenger vehicle fuel tanks. We have historically offered the Siphon Pro Gravity model with a fuel access-line, but we only sell that here on our website and that will soon be discontinued.

Downplaying the ability to siphon gas from a car

s I have mentioned, it is quite possible to siphon gas out of many vehicles, old and new. Since there are so many variations in vehicles, we have determined that this is not an ideal business for us to focus on. That is also why our list of sample vehicles only runs to 2016. We want to share the information, but we also do not want to disappoint our customers. Siphoning gas is a knack in newer vehicles and requires some mechanical inclination. You will see us continue to offer vehicle fuel access lines in our 12V products, but we are truly focusing on basic fuel transfer as our core competency.

Our GasTapper products are primarily designed to transfer fuel in easily accessible reservoirs / gas cans to all type’s vehicles, RV’s boats, side by sides, UTV’s, motorcycles and so on. Our Siphon Pro products are for most any type of liquid or siphon application. Examples include aquariums, draining water, transferring beer or wine and so on.

Thank you for all of you interest and support over the years!


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