Siphoning gas - observations on a Nissan Sentra

Most late model cars can be accessed with the standard GASTAPPER access line and guide tube. Sometimes people run into a situation where the standard technique isn’t successful. A good example is the 2012 Nissan Sentra. This model year has a longer filler neck than later models. It follows a winding path to get to the gas tank.

This would be a case where the guide tube isn’t needed. The guide tube gives the ¼ inch hose increased rigidity to pop through any ball valves or butterfly valve. According the repair manual to the Nissan Sentra, the filler-neck is not equipped with any valves between the gas cap and the fuel tank. This would be a case where flexibility would be better than rigidity. Let the ¼ inch hose go naked this time. There is an increased risk of putting a kink in the hose, but the narrow filler-neck on the Sentra is narrow enough to limit the chance of a kink.

Chuck - A GasTapper technical consultant with many years of experience emptying gas tanks for automotive dealerships.

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