Tips and Tricks to Siphon Gas From a Newer Car

Dear Gas Tapper fans,

As you might expect, we get many questions about specific car models and using GasTapper. We have lots of tips and tricks to help you in the process. It's always difficult when it comes to a buy recommendation on a particular vehicle for a customer because even if we've tested a particular vehicle it still takes a "knack" to get in many cars. We often suggest that if a customer is truly only interested in getting gas from one model vehicle that they buy the low cost manual Gravity version of our product and just test the modern car access line without running any gas through the siphon hose and pump. This will allow you to return it if you are unsuccessful (for the cost of shipping).

You might also choose to keep it a s a great general purpose fuel siphon. You can do the same with a 12v model. Don't pump fuel through the pump and hose, simply test the access line.

All of that said, I thought I'd share and email thread between me (Chris A) and a customer that was having difficulty on 2006 Corvette.

Here it is:

From: Name removed
Sent: Thursday, October 01, 2015 12:08 PM
To: Chris Aliberti
Subject: Corvette

I have your GasTapper Pro
Can not get hose into my 2006 Corvet.
Any tricks or ideas that may work?
Felt like I went past 2 baffles and hit a solid stop, backed up 3 or 4 inches and tried the small hose but can not get the small hose past that point.
Your system would be perfect for removing old gas & replacing with new.
The car is in storage, no way to drive & consume it.

Any help would be appreciated.
(name removed)

On Thu, Oct 1, 2015 at 6:19 PM, Chris Aliberti <> wrote:
Hi (name removed),

We can talk but phone buy here are a few suggestions:

Use the 1/2 inch hose as a piston to drive the 1/4 inch line further in. Push both lines on the down stroke and keep down pressure on the 1/4 inch line on the up stroke of the 1/2 inch line. Note if the 1/4 inch line id making progress. Another option is to twist the 1/2 line to re-position the 1/4 inch lines strike point as often it will get past the blockage if moved slightly. Finally, lube the end of the 1/4 inch line with while lithium grease to assist in getting past.

Let me know and don't hesitate to call or plan a time to talk.

Chris Aliberti

Managing Partner
(951) 708-1060

GENTAP, LLC. - Manufacturers of these products:


Appreciate your fast response and suggestions.
We we are good now........
After trying several different methods without success I cut the 1/2" line on a small angle like the 1/4" hose, while pushing I rotated it in small increments and pushed as suggested.
It went past a 3rd baffle... haaa
After that I inserted the 1/4" hose and followed the same pattern, rotated and pushed.
Success..... it slipped past the valve. Ran it into the tank until I blew bubbles, hooked up the pump and success!
When the pump sucked air I slowly rotated the 1/4" hose and picked up more gas, pushed in..... pulled out, rotated until the tank was completely empty.
It took a little finesse and muscle but now I have the idea & feel.
Thank you again for your help!!

(name removed)


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