Why USA Fuel Hose in GasTapper Products?

All of our products are made with hose manufactured in the USA. The reason for this is the level of quality control that goes into US hose. In order for vinyl hose to handle fuel without becoming discolored and rigid, the manufacturer must add chemical plasticizers to the hose. If this is not done correctly the plasticizer will rapidly leach out of the hose and wind up in your fuel system as a plastic like film, clogging critical fuel systems. We could save quite a bit of money by using hose from China be we choose not to for the long term satisfaction of our customers. Keep in mind that plasticizers will all leach so we do our best to find a product that minimizes this.

One of the best practices we recommend to our customers is to flush our pump and siphon tools empty of gasoline by draining lines and back flushing with kerosene. Kerosene is a very fine and clean oil that is similar to diesel fuel. You can find it at any home improvement store. In some cases they sell it as reduced odor kerosene which we prefer. It does a great job as a preservative of fuel components. You can simply put the input line and the output line in the same container and flush it through saving it for re-use next time.

Yes, you can use diesel in place of kerosene. When buying kerosene be sure not to buy a kerosene substitute, it does not work well.

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I LOVE my Gas Tapper Max! I’ve had mine about 1 1/2 years now and use it all the time, both at home and for my RV repair mobile business. Every component still works like it did day one.
I keep these additional supplies with mine, and ordered a 2nd orange box ($40 well spent) to carry it all; little can WD40, a few terrycloth rags, a 12V receptacle/battery clamps pigtail, a couple of 3" cheap paint brushes, a partial roll of paper towels, and several spare filters. My box#2 is where i keep most of the add-on goodies and the vehicle siphon hoses. Most transfer jobs just use box #1 which has the pump, hoses, and essentials. What a GREAT product!

Robert Nordmeyer February 23, 2023

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