Working With Customers in the Field to Transfer Gas to Boats and Planes

During late November and early December 2014 I've had the privilege of working with several customers in the field to help them with the GasTapper. I enjoy each experience and wish I could visit with every customer to show them the tricks and techniques to be successful getting gas out of their vehicles. We've started to post cell phone videos of our field experience as this is one of the best ways for customers to "get the knack". To be clear, GasTapper will not work on every vehicle and we continue to test and expand the success list. At this point, we are achieving a 90% success rate with the most difficult cars being the newest (2012 and up).

Today I want to share with you two field experiences that really helped us with how we can better communicate to our customers how to use GasTapper. One was with a gentleman who works for the local Sheriff’s department and wanted to get gas out of his 2011 Nissan Armada in order fill his boat when down in Mexico. There is no local gas supply near where the boats are kept. The other story is about a gentleman who has a 2015 KIA Sorrento. He intended to fill his plane which runs on auto fuel with his car while at the local airport, rather than pay the high price for aviation gas (AVGAS). In both cases they purchased the GasTapper 12v but were struggling to get it fully into the tank.

For each case the key to success was to pull back the ½” line once it hit strong resistance so that (1) the ¼” line could be maneuvered past the point of resistance and (2) to get the ¼” line to rotate at the point of resistance so that you could avoid the one point of blockage that you are hitting. This allows you to get to another point just a half inch away that gets you around the blockage. Surprisingly, that blockage is often just the edge of a lip on a hose or elbow on the way into the fuel.

So for those of you using GasTapper in a difficult car with twists and turns, you may have difficulty rotating the ¼” line. Try lubricating it with a spray lubricant or moving the ½” line in and out like a piston for 2 inch motions while continuing to push/pull and twist/rotate the ¼” line.

Once I showed them the “trick” they were able to reproduce the result quickly and easily. They learned how to tap into their particular vehicle. The Armada video is already posted on the main page in a compilation of videos. I will post the video of the KIA shortly. It’s always great getting out and working in the field and seeing the customer’s joy when they discover that they can get gas out of their vehicle!

Here’s picture in the meantime. Thanks to all our customers!

Chris A

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