Our company Gentap, LLC is based out of Phoenix, Arizona. We are a team of people who look to address the needs we find in our everyday lives. Our brand GasTapper was developed in 2014 as part of our own thoughts on keeping our gear running right and being prepared for power outages and other failures. GasTapper started as a simple way to access and/or pump fuel with a specialty aimed at removing gas from both cars and vehicles via our special access lines, with a focus on safety. We've never built products for high-volume gasoline transfer because of the inherent risk. Instead, we have focused on access, safety, and convenience. An example of our focus on safety is our wireless remote controls that automatically turn the unit off and allow supervision on both ends. 

Our target customers were powersports, power equipment owners and service centers. GasTapper has since grown into a general use fuel transfer pump and now we also offer products that can transfer water and some cases, both fuel and water. We now help fire departments, public agencies, and even military contractors! After many years listening and learning our customer needs, we have grown our brand into FlowJoe. GasTapper is specific to gas and there are many other fluids that need to be easily moved!

At GenTap we are dedicated to customer satisfaction and prove that with our customer ratings, warranty, and availability. We take calls directly and always tune our products based on customer input. We manufacture and assemble our products in America with components from the United States and abroad depending on our quality requirements and price targets. Our fume-proof cases, hoses, cords, and switches flow in and high-quality siphons flow out. We even hand test each product before it ships!

GasTapper at SEMA trade show
GasTapper Display at SEMA
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Accepting two SEMA New Product Global Media Awards for GasTapper
GasTapper fuel siphon awards
SEMA GasTapper Awards
GasTapper assembly
Building Siphons
GenTap Manufacturing Facility
GenTap Manufacturing Facility in Phoenix, AZ
GasTapper assembly
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