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The FlowJoe Fuel Tote dry lifts and siphons gas from most UTV's, cars, tractors, and boats! The Fuel Tote transfers up to 30 gallons per hour and has a tote-mounted replaceable automotive (7-10 PSI) high-lift pump. This unit has (2) 6 foot coils of 3/8" FuelFlex® 65 hose, plus a 6 foot 1/4" line, a 4 foot 1/2" line, brass weight, 12V auto power plug with fuse, LED in-line switch, 15 foot 12V flat power cord and lastly a universal nylon filter. 

Flow rate is under optimal conditions and is purposely low for safety purposes. This product includes a 1-year warranty. The 12V FlowJoe Fuel Tote is assembled in the USA with US and imported components. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Cannot be used with 110V AC to DC converters like automotive battery chargers. This unit has a circuit board inside and requires a computer-grade 110V to 12V converter. The motor will make noise but will not pump.

The FlowJoe Fuel Tote can be used with water only when flushed with kerosene, diesel or mineral spirits after use.

If vehicle access is desired, please order our car access kit to test your vehicle first.

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Carl Aslaksen
Works as Advertised

I bought this as an alternative to the good old hand pump that I have used for years. I needed to drain the fuel from my vehicle to replace the tank mounted fuel pump and sending unit. It worked perfectly, took me about 45 minutes to drain about 17 gallons. Wish that I had known about this product before.

Important Safety Information

  1. Read the manual before using our product. Failure to do so can result in serious injury.
  2. Only use this product outdoors.
  3. Do not operate within 50 feet of a building or structure.
  4. Do not operate when tired or when under the influence of drugs or medication.
  5. Do not use your mouth to help siphon flammable liquids.
  6. Keep these products away from children.
  7. Inspect before each use; do no use if parts are loose or damaged or if you detect any leakage.
  8. If a fuse blows, replace the fuse with a 3 amp 12 volt fuse only. If fuse blows repeatedly, stop use immediately and contact GenTap.
  9. Do not smoke in the presence of gasoline or flammable vapors.
  10. Keep a Class B fire extinguisher with you and ready at all times during operation.
  11. Maintain product labels and nameplates. These carry important information. If unreadable or missing, contact GenTap for replacement.

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