Gas Guzzler

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The Gas Guzzler moves the highest volume of all our siphons. It transfers up to 72 gallons per hour. This unit can dry lift up to 10 feet. This unit also has a brass screened pickup filter and an inline cleanable filter. Our other units do not have this feature.

The included large case measures 12"x 14"x 5". The case provides lots of room for easy stowing and extra supplies and includes a handle! This unit has 16 feet of 1/2" fuel line (larger and thicker than the Standard and R-Max), an additional six feet of 5/16" semi-rigid vehicle access line hose, a fuel filter, spare filter, two Hose-Man® hose clips, brass pickup weight, and a capless access funnel. 

Flow rate is under optimal conditions and is purposely low for safety purposes. This product comes with a one-year warranty. The Gas Guzzler is assembled in the USA with US and imported components. The case, power cord, and hose clips are made here in the USA. The pump is imported. 

Note: Gas Guzzler is equipped with a fuel-specific hose but the pump can transfer water. In order to protect the fuel hose, you must flush the unit with kerosene, diesel, or mineral spirits after running water through it. This will prevent the hose from turning cloudy.

If vehicle access is desired, please order our car access kit to test your vehicle first.

Free shipping - We will use the most efficient service available to your address, targeting 3-5 day delivery. You can choose expedited at checkout for an additional charge. If you have a customer delivery request, please put it in the order notes or contact us. *Free shipping is not included for customers in Alaska or Hawaii.

Customer Reviews

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David Clark
Extra slow shipping.

Paid extra for expedited shipping. Wouldn't have bothered if I knew it took your company a week to mail it.

Hi David,
We received your order on June 20th and shipped it on June 21st with priority mail. We apologize if your shipment was delayed but it was not due to anything we have control over.

Joseph Tugaw
Exceeds expectations

Previous gas transfer devices that I had purchase always had problems gaining suction on the input line. When I used the Gas Guzzler, it picked up the suction and was pumping immediately as soon as I turned it on. My only concern is that the model that bought is designed to work with a remote fob and it looks like it would require some "re-wiring" to work if the battery in the fob was dead and I was trying to transfer fuel at a remote location. Maybe there is instructions on how to use it without the fob that I haven't come across yet. Other than that I would give it 5 out of 5 stars!

Scott Werkstell
Nice pump

Pump works good, but it is a little slow. It takes over 5 minutes to empty a 5 gallon gas can. The fuel filter seems to be sucking on air. The fuel comes up out of the can clear with no bubbles but there is air in the filter and air bubbles in the line exiting the filter. I checked the o ring and snugged up the filter but it didn’t fix the problem.

Johann Voges
does not work on 1st gen Toyota Rav4's

I have 3 1st gen Rav 4s and unable to get the hose to the bottom of the tank. I am giving it 3 stars because I know it is just an access issue so in other applications I can see how it will work

Our listing does recommend purchasing our car access kit first if car access is desired so that you can test the functionality with your car before buying the siphon.

Jeffrey Watson
Great product, great customer service!

I needed this pump to empty the gas tank on my 98 4Runner. I had to drop the tank to do frame welding right next to the tank. I after pumping the fuel out, the truck only ran for about 20 seconds. I’m amazed that I was able to get ALL of the fuel out. My only word of caution, is to be mindful that there is a moving float mounted on a thin arm inside of fuel tanks. Be gentle as you insert your hose to avoid bending the arm and throwing off the gas gauge reading. I pumped it directly into another vehicle. Try THAT with a siphon.

Important Safety Information

  1. Read the manual before using our product. Failure to do so can result in serious injury.
  2. Only use this product outdoors.
  3. Do not operate within 50 feet of a building or structure.
  4. Do not operate when tired or when under the influence of drugs or medication.
  5. Do not use your mouth to help siphon flammable liquids.
  6. Keep these products away from children.
  7. Inspect before each use; do no use if parts are loose or damaged or if you detect any leakage.
  8. If a fuse blows, replace the fuse with a 3 amp 12 volt fuse only. If fuse blows repeatedly, stop use immediately and contact GenTap.
  9. Do not smoke in the presence of gasoline or flammable vapors.
  10. Keep a Class B fire extinguisher with you and ready at all times during operation.
  11. Maintain product labels and nameplates. These carry important information. If unreadable or missing, contact GenTap for replacement.

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