Portable Battery | GasTapper RMax Bundle

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The GasTapper R-Max has a larger case and moves double the volume of the GasTapper Standard. The R-Max transfers up to 60 gallons per hour. This unit can dry lift up to 20 feet high and overall lift to 30 feet. The included fume-proof case measures 12"x 14"x 5" and weighs eight pounds. The case provides lots of room for easy stowing and extra supplies. This unit has 16 feet of fuel line, an additional six feet of 5/16 inch semi-rigid vehicle access line, a fuel filter, spare filter, two Hose-Man® hose clips, brass pickup weight, and a capless access funnel. This model does not include a remote. 

The GasTapper R-Max is not compatible with any amount of water. A single drop will seize the pump. If you are looking for a pump that is compatible with fuel and water, please check out our Gas Guzzler.

Flow rate is under optimal conditions and is purposely low for safety purposes. This product comes with a one-year warranty. The 12V GasTapper R-Max is assembled in the USA with US and imported components. The case, power cord, and hose clips are made here in the USA! The pump is imported from Asia and is a high-quality German design. 

If vehicle access is desired, please order our car access kit to test your vehicle first.

Make your pump fully portable with one of our lithium battery packs. This battery will run one of our pumps for between 1.5 and 3 hours depending on the model and your specific activity. This battery comes with a 12V female accessory plug and the connectors shown to also charge your cell phone or laptop computers.

NOTE: This battery turns off automatically in 30 seconds when the pump is not actually running. This is a safety feature. Built-in power percentage indicator and voltage indicator including voltage draw. This battery is 15699mAH/57.7WH. Charging is via a USB charger (not included) or the included 12V car accessory plug.


Free shipping - We will use the most efficient service available to your address, targeting 3-5 day delivery. You can choose expedited at checkout for an additional charge. If you have a customer delivery request, please put it in the order notes or contact us. *Free shipping is not included for customers in Alaska or Hawaii.

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Important Safety Information

  1. Read the manual before using our product. Failure to do so can result in serious injury.
  2. Only use this product outdoors.
  3. Do not operate within 50 feet of a building or structure.
  4. Do not operate when tired or when under the influence of drugs or medication.
  5. Do not use your mouth to help siphon flammable liquids.
  6. Keep these products away from children.
  7. Inspect before each use; do no use if parts are loose or damaged or if you detect any leakage.
  8. If a fuse blows, replace the fuse with a 3 amp 12 volt fuse only. If fuse blows repeatedly, stop use immediately and contact GenTap.
  9. Do not smoke in the presence of gasoline or flammable vapors.
  10. Keep a Class B fire extinguisher with you and ready at all times during operation.
  11. Maintain product labels and nameplates. These carry important information. If unreadable or missing, contact GenTap for replacement.

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