Faster 12V Siphon/Transfer Pump

GasTapper has been very popular for siphoning fuel from vehicles, especially cars. The volume of our transfer pumps are at a level that keeps up with the ability of our modern car siphon access line. The Pro and the Standard transfer pumps/siphons are also designed to be at a volume that keeps safety in mind. If the end of the output side were to come loose and start pumping fuel at high volume, the risks could be high.

That said, we will introduce a higher volume unit in a larger case in late 2016 (November is our target) with some additional safety features. This unit will be designed for more of a direct fuel transfer application rather than siphoning gas out of modern cars. The target volume will be 1 gallon per minute. Our target price point for this fuel transfer pump kit will be $169.00.

We will also introduce a higher volume general purpose squeeze bulb siphon in late October. This will also be useful for larger volume general purpose siphoning. Both products will be equipped with the Hose Man safety hose clip to help secure the input and output sides to the container or tank.

Both products will be available with the modern car adapter. Both will have built in stainless mesh screens on the input side so they will not require an inline fuel filter. These units are going to be ideal for larger volume applications like transferring fuel to and from a boat, tractor in the field and general refueling.

Watch for these new products. If you would like early release information please contact us at with subject: GasTapper XL line.

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